Old versions suddenly reappearing, dates marked as recent

I have a very strange situation.  Last week when I checked my personal environment I had 1GB available, all was well.  Today I received a warning email from OutSystems telling me my environment was growing.  When I went into Service Center I saw the following:

No changes were made on Dec 7 but I did notice that the IP address of my personal environment had changed then.  Is it possible that a redeployment by OutSystems has caused this?  I believe I had deleted all old versions using DBCleaner some time ago but now, since all versions are dated Dec 7, I cannot use DBCleaner to delete them?


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Hi Dave, 

It's an unusual situation, I suggest contacting support department.

https://www.outsystems.com/SupportPortal/CaseOpen/ or 

Send email to support@outsystems.com