[Advanced Excel] Reading MS Excel cell field if vb script/macro is applied
Forge component by Carlos Freitas
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Service Studio Version
11.10.0 (Build 34711)

Hello Team,


Hope everything is fine and well during the pandemic time.

I have a query regarding reading ms excel cell fields using outsystems is that - I have a dropdown feature in my excel file which shows/hide content (using vb script/macro ). I am able to read other non-macro /vb script content fields using ADVANCE EXCEL forge component. But not able to read macro/script connected field cell.

Is there a way to extract content fields, build with excel macro?

Cheers. Thank you in advance.


Hi Pavan,

two suggestions

option 1- create an extra column in your excel  which maps to the one with the VB script code.

In Serv Studio read this new column instead of the other one

option 2-Regardless doing a vb script code in excel file to calculate a value, why not apply that rule for that column while reading the data in Serv Studio

Hope that it helps

Apology Alexandre Yip for my delay response. It got work. Thanks. 


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