[OutSystems UI] Carousel Bug: When i refresh the list the Carousel lost the setting
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I have a carousel web block that receive a parameter and always that i change this parameter and refresh the table On Parameter Change, the carousel lost the setting it have to show four items and after updated is show just one. To show the rigth items number on the carousel i have to reload the page. Has anyone ever experienced this?


Could you provide a small OML as an example of the use case?

My regards


Can you please provide OML file?


I faced this but this was not Bug, It was due to not refreshing correct carousel. and my filter was not correct there.

Please check these things in your application as well.

I saw the filters and i'm refreshing the carousel and is all correct. But I will see again this. 



Hi Cynthia,

I have never experienced this before, but just for another alternative, you use a local variable as 'ItemsToShow' , use this variable inside carousel setting and then whenever you are changing something, you can assign ItemsToShow variable with value 4 on OnParameterChanged Event of web block.

You can try with this once. Thanks :)

Hi  Cynthia,

Please check the scope of the variable that you are using for the carousel. Check if it is related to any button click event and in that the updated data is not available for the carousel.

If you could attach the oml that will be helpful




I can't provide a OML, but below has two pictures that show my problem. The fisrt file is the correct carousel, the second is the wrong after i change the parameter that is passed to the web block where is my carousel.

I'm with same problem. 


Any guess?  

Hi Cynthia Barros.

Are you initializing some variables in onInitalize or OnRender?

If so, when you call the onParameterChange it could be necessary to re-assign them.

What about screenshots from the servicestudio?

Otherwise is not easy to help you.


Gonçalo Almeida

I'm facing the same issue, if I refresh the list which is linked to the Carousel it loses the design.

Please advise.



Based on your screenshots we were able to replicate the behavior.

This is indeed a bug in the component, which doesn't set the correct width of its content when redrawn.

The list of carousel items is being filtered, so you need to add the CarouselUpdate action to the OnChange handler of your filter input, if you're not doing so already:

Finally, because this is a misbehavior setting the with of its items, instead of having a dynamic width (4col), you need to set a fixed width to the list items.

Error prone implementation (width: 4col):

Working implementation (width: value):

In the meantime we will be working on a permanent fix to this issue.

Hope this proves helpful.

Best regards,
Rui Mendes

Thanks for the reply Rui.

Please note that we've added the Carousel Update

And for the Carousel settings it's like:

And still the same issue after we refresh the list bringing the list of images

Hello @Redha Al Muharraqi .

Have you applied the width to the block's parent?

Hi Rui,

I'm not using a block widget to display the the carousel images, it's like below structure:

What to do in this case?

Proceed the same way, setting the width to the image element.

Hope this helps.

Hi Rui,

Thanks for the help, it's much better now, it loses the margin and padding of the image but it's much better.

You can also apply margin on items itself like width to handle that

@Rui Mendes @Rui Mendes is this still an ongoing issue with the carousel or shoudl it have been resolved in a previous update of OutSystems UI.

Hi all,

I had the same issue, but what I notice is that the CarouselUpdate action must be called on the After Fetch event of the query that you are doing a Data Refresh. Because if not, you are doing the refresh of the widget before you have the data on the client side updated. Just to remember, the Data Refresh runs asynchronously when called on a screen client action.

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