[OutSystems UI] Carousel Bug: When i refresh the list the Carousel lost the setting
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Published on 28 Dec 2020
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I have a carousel web block that receive a parameter and always that i change this parameter and refresh the table On Parameter Change, the carousel lost the setting it have to show four items and after updated is show just one. To show the rigth items number on the carousel i have to reload the page. Has anyone ever experienced this?

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Could you provide a small OML as an example of the use case?

My regards

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Can you please provide OML file?


I faced this but this was not Bug, It was due to not refreshing correct carousel. and my filter was not correct there.

Please check these things in your application as well.

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Hi Cynthia,

I have never experienced this before, but just for another alternative, you use a local variable as 'ItemsToShow' , use this variable inside carousel setting and then whenever you are changing something, you can assign ItemsToShow variable with value 4 on OnParameterChanged Event of web block.

You can try with this once. Thanks :)

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Hi  Cynthia,

Please check the scope of the variable that you are using for the carousel. Check if it is related to any button click event and in that the updated data is not available for the carousel.

If you could attach the oml that will be helpful



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I can't provide a OML, but below has two pictures that show my problem. The fisrt file is the correct carousel, the second is the wrong after i change the parameter that is passed to the web block where is my carousel.