Disable EPA in some eSpaces

Disable EPA in some eSpaces

I'm working on a project were the client have more than one application running in the same server.
The problem is that we have the EPA appearing in all the applications and in one of them we don´t want it, because is out of context and is accessed by external users. This is a requirement for the client, so it's very important for us.
How can we block this functionality by eSpace, for example, just like we have in the ECT? The other option could be the division of the EPA eSpace into a logical and a design layer, in different eSpaces. However, this option can't be done by us, because it's a closed eSpace.
Any idea, suggestion or a possible new feature, for a possible new EPA release?

Gonçalo M.
Hi Gonçalo,

A possible workaround is to add this CSS to the eSpaces where you do not wish to show the taskbox:
.EPATaskbox_Container { visibility: hidden; }

Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago,

Thank for your suggestion, but I already tried that and indeed the Taskbox isn't shown.
Although my need isn´t that simple, because the EPA is still loaded and AJAX requests are made (as I can observe with the Firefox console) and the performance is compromised.
I would like to avoid the EPA load in some eSpaces and have some manner to control it just like ECT or with the kind of separation that I suggested, because it would give a lot of advantages to the developers as to the client. We also could control this option in a better way using the EPA API's advantages  has we want and with all kinds of customizations to our own Taskbox.
I hope that Outsystems thinks about this seriously, because is an increasingly problem that with find more and more often.

Gonçalo Martins

This idea should be entered into Wisdom of Crowds.

Any ideias on how to accomplish this?

I have an eSpace that uses BPT but I don't want to load the Inbox.js and other javascript dependencies of EPA_TaskBox...

There is a special eSpace available from support to enable/disable EPA Taskbox on specific eSpaces on the server.
Just send a mail to support and it will be mailed to you
That's true..
When I first ask for this feature to the support the created an eSpace to do this, because it was a real need in my current client project.
So, if you're in a project and have this issue, don't hesitate to contact the Outsystem's support and they will help you.

Gonçalo M.
In 6.0, this functionality is native to the platform. The backoffice to enable or disable EPA on some eSpaces is available at http://server/EPA_Taskbox

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra