Latest updates on OutSystems documentation (Dec'2020)

Hi, dear community members!

Here are the latest updates on the documentation based on your feedback:

  • Developing an Application. This page is now more welcoming to beginners, as it points to resources useful to them.

  • Reuse and Refactor. We added an overview of the different module types.

  • Static Entities. We edited the content and added new sections. For example, how to create a Static Entity or what the default Attributes are.

If you believe we can still improve, send us your feedback! You can send feedback to knowledge@outsystems.com, leave it in this thread, or use the feedback field available on each documentation page.


Pedro Sousa, on behalf of your Technical Knowledge team

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Hi Pedro,

Thanks for the heads up. Reuse and Refactor is something I am planning to go over :)



Thanks for update Pedro.  :) 

Thanks, Contents are now more informative. 

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Thanks for the update Pedro Sousa

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Thanks for update Pedro.  :)  

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Thanks to the Technical Knowledge team for these updates!