Movie Details Screen Error

Going through the 'Developing Web Apps' course.

Completed the lesson exercise " Data Queries and Widgets II Exercise" - Using advanced data queries, fetch movie participant info to display in a section of the MovieDetail screen and allow for search in the Movies List

and after doing so.. my MovieDetails screen shows "Internal Error".

Please help me troubleshoot what I could missed/wrongly-entered in this exercise that resulted in this error.

Please see video here > https://share.getcloudapp.com/yAuZ67q5

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Hi Thomas, 

There are various reasons why this is being encountered. To debug properly please provide the oml file

or you could see the full details of the error in Service Center. 

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Hi Thomas, 

Please share the error you are getting on the Movie Details screen from the Service center or the .OML file to help you.

Thanks & Regards,


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how to get the .oml file?

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.oml file attached here.

thank you much for your prompt help.


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Hi Thomas, 

Try adding a closing parentheses in your advance sql

Hope that solves the issue