Listrecords inside popup is not working

I have a context where there are sections and a section can have multiple items.

A item can have rules. There is a Rules entity section. A Item can have many rules and a rule can be in multiple items so there is a many to many relationship between items and rules.

I have a popup "NewItemPopUp" for the user to create new items and also edit existing items that belong to a specific section.

In this popup I want to show a combo box to allow the user select a rule from the static entity "Rules", the rule can be A, B, C or D. And then have a add button for the user to add a new rule to the item inside the popup. And I want to show the rules associated with a item inside the popup at the bottom of the popup. However, service studio is not allowing to add a list records inside the popup to show the rules associated with the item. 

Do you know how to solve the issue?

I have a OML with the issue , the flow is in the TestSscreen. To test probably you need to create first a template then when you click in a template in the table records you can create new sections. Then is possible to create items inside 

a section and then the issue is in the NewItemPopUp.



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Hi Jake,

You won't be able to directly introduce/define a TableRecords or ListRecords widget inside a Form widget.

The purpose of the Form widget is to get the end-user inputs and submit the same to the server side. For the mentioned use-case, I would suggest you to define the ListRecords widget outside the Form widget as shown in the attached updated .oml file.

If in case you want to introduce the TableRecords or ListRecords widget inside a Form widget, you will have to encapsulate/wrap the respective widget (i.e. TableRecords or ListRecords widget) within the Web block and define the same Web block inside the Form widget and it will work.

Hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam