Why is the installer not signed? It causes security concerns?
Service Studio Version
11.10.2 (Build 35810)

The updater is not signed which causes security concerns when you see things like this in the windows log.

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Hello Stacey.

The installer is signed. However, we're having an issue with the certificates that we use to sign the installer and, therefore, you saw that message. This happens because the auto-update mechanism validates the signatures and, if they are not ok, will protect your machine and refuse to install a new version.

We're working on it to have it fixed asap.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenient

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Hi Stacey,

This issue has been fixed and released today along with the new version.

Thank you!

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Nice one! 

Just one doubt: It's better to uninstall Service Studio and install again or the faulty auto-updater can do that work?

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

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Hi Ricardo,

No need to uninstall Service Studio. The auto-update will be able to recover on its own!

Best regards,

Nuno Borges