List Counter doesn't work in Editable Table Row Delete
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Traditional Web

I deleted one record, it's really only two record data.But Showing 3 record.          

Hello Software Engineers, 

I'm trying to delete  row data  by using editable table. Record data can delete in Table but List Counter widget can't change record count  when I test. At vice versa, when I add new data, list counter work well. For that, I created some logic in EdiableTableRowSave  Action as my screenshot. How can I build Logical component in EditableTableRowDelete Action.

I will attach my screenshot and upload oml.

Can I get help to check.Hoping good result.

Have a good day.



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Hi Hayasaka,

I just replaced the refresh scope to just the filter container and the navigation container (instead of the table container) and it worked:

Please refer to the OML in attachment.



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Hi Hayasaka,

As you are working on Traditional Web you need to explicitly AJAX refresh the part of the screen you want.

On your ShowEditableTableRowDelete action you don't have an AJAX refresh, therefore you screen doesn't refresh. On your ShowEditableTableRowSave action you two AJAX refresh after the for each which are refreshing a part of your screen which includes the counter.

You just need to refresh the query, do the for each to get the cumulative and do the same AJAX refresh after DeleteMain in your ShowEditableTableRowDelete action, just like you did on your ShowEditableTableRowSave action.

See here more information on AJAX refreshing screen elements in OutSystems Traditional Web applications.

Hope it helps.