Justin James' Developer Diary Series

Here's a 10 article series covering both basic and advanced topics of using the Agile Platform to develop a web application.

The articles were written by Justin James, from TechRepublic, and describe how the Rat Catcher web application evolved as Justin learned about the Agile Platform.

Topics range from a Service Studio tour, to some heavy duty deploy scenarios, and we listed all the articles in a blog post for easier reference. Click here to check it out!


I saw this thread pop up...

The links doesn't work.
In any case, being from 2010, they would be still valid?

Eduardo Jauch

I was also surprised, the post got popped up but the link doesn't work. 

I sent a message that Link doesn't work but than realize that it is from 2010, so deleted my post :)



Fixed the links, they should be working now.

João Rosado

Thanks Joao, its working.