[OfficeUtils] Excel multisheet export no template corrupting excel content
Forge component by Bruno Gonçalves
Published on 18 Dec 2020
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Reactive, Service

We are experiencing an issue only in production.  So initial suspicions were on the length of the table being exported or variances in data in prod verses dev and test.  In any event when exporting tables/entities as a sheet each with no template.  We have started getting the error below.  The export had been working for a number of months before it stopped working.  

if we chose yes and try to do anything with the workbook we are seeing below

In analysis we have identified that the issue is related to one table out of the 10 being exported and by removing from the export the export works fine. Similarly if we only export the table itself using officeutils then it works fine.  It looks to be some combination of that table with multiple sheets being exported.  

We are using the latest version of office utils.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar.  

Hi Paul,

Can you send to me the broken result file? Then i could analyze it to find the problem.

Best regards,