[Advanced Excel] Has anyone successfully used in reactive?
Forge component by Carlos Freitas
Published on 27 Aug 2019
Application Type
Traditional Web, Reactive

Even though this is tagged as traditional web, has anyone had success using in reactive?  I'm getting  

When creating an Excel adding a sheet(didn't seem to create a sheet during the creation process) and then generating the binary and sending back to the screen action to export. 

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Hi Paul,

Can you share the OML. I tried and this works for me in reactive.

This logic flow gives me a password protected excel along with a new sheet.

I suspect that you might be passing the object directly to these component's action. Try passing Workbook_Open action's output to WorkBook_AddSheet action and then use Workbook_GetBinaryData to pass binary data to the download widget.

Can find implementation inside this server action in the attached OML.