Amazon API Web Reference

Hi All...I am a newbie and love this programming platform. We are building an internal website to control receipt of books from around the world. Often we need to check on the ISBN of a book on the amazon website to see the image of the cover of a book and would like to integrate this into our application. I know I need to create a web reference to do this but I am running into problems with using the "Public Access Key" and "Private Access Key" required by Amazon...can anyone help?
Hi Ivan, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

How are you integrating with the Amazon API? Could you provide the web reference URL you are using, so someone can try to better understand what you're trying to achieve? Otherwise, unless someone has already integrated with the Amazon API, I doubt someone will have the answer for you.

Also, I am not sure what kind of problem are you having with those parameters, but some Amazon APIs used to - and I think they still require - developers to sign up, in order to receive an Access Key to use the APIs. Do you have one?


Paulo Tavares

Hi Paolo, thanks for responding.... I tried adding a web reference using The resulting "web reference methods" and  "structures" appear. But the input parameters on say "KeywordSearchRequest" are locked as data type "Record" instead of text. I am using community edition I believe we have proper Amazon API Keys obtained from the Amazon Web Services site.

Hi Ivan.

I don't see any problems on that. Service Studio is correctly importing the web-service definition accordingly to the wsdl specified. Can you explain what is your exact problem?

João Neves