"An Exception occurred in the client script.Error:The connection to the server reset"

Hello Team,

In My Application am trying to upload an image and view the uploaded images in the list (Traditional Web Application). In this case Uploaded images is saved in the Database(table).but am trying to view the Uploaded images in the List am Facing " An Exception occurred in the client script. Error: The connection to the server was reset "

For uploading I am using  "Filepondupload" widget

 EX: (Am uploading a multiple HD Images with the file Size 10MB its uploading in the Database but am trying to view the Images throwing the above Error).


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Hi Sangeetha,

For forge component related issues, I would advise to ask on the support page of the component itself to get the answers directly from the maintainers/followers of the component. In this case, https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-discussions/5543/FilePondUpload

Coming back on the error message, Is the error pops only with the large sized images or even with a smaller one?



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Hi Swatantra,

Thank you for your response.

The error comes only for large size images and smaller images its working fine.


Sangeetha C.

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Hi Sangeetha,

This seems to be a classic case in Traditional Web, you need a Submit for uploading a file but on the other hand you need the AJAX refresh the screen with the new image.

You can implement workarounds (see for instance this post) but I wouldn't reinvent the wheel and would use the File Upload and Image Preview on Choose File component which does the work and encapsulates the complexity of the workaround.

Hope it helps.



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Hi Sangeetha,

This can be the issue related to timeout. Try increasing the timeout for your request. You can use the set timeout server action.

Let me know if this helps.



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In addition, try to see if there is any detailed errors in your browser console (Press f12 and check console tab).

It may really be related to a timeout, and viewing the console may help to identify what is timing out.

Cheers and Regards ,

RR :)