Creating new screens widgets, dinamically (at runtime)

Hi there, I'd like to create a kind of a memory game (in outsystems), but the screen will be constructed depending on the first screen (where the users chooses between easy, medium and hard level choices), so that, then, I'll create matrix type of table with the cards or images inside it. Like a matrix. For example, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6...and then inside each "cell" it will bring the random image (among that one's inside the dB or I'll put them inside the directory... I don't know... ). How could I say to code: create a 4x4 matrix and fill in with card widgets, for example (or image widget... Whatever) when loading the page? 

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Hi Rafael, 

you can use a list in which you'll show images or webblocks containing images.
Based on the width of the list and the width of the image/webblock, you can show 3,4,5 or 6 'cells' next to eachother before the new 'row' starts.

Based on the length of the list, it will fill your desired amount of rows. 



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Hi Rafael,

Could you please tell us which type of application you are using, Traditional, Reactive or mobile?

Hi Shweta Gedam, it´s Reactive