XML-RPC calls using XML extension

Hi Folks!

I am developing an application with Outsystems in which I need to use the XML-RPC webservice provided by another application known as OpenERP.
Can Anyone put some lights on this please?
how to post the Request to the URL?How to get the results form those webservice method? etc.

Hi Shameer,

I believe the best approach is to use a XML-RPC client framework for .Net. This way you do not have to deal with the low-level XML data.

By searching on the internet, I realized that there is an implementation of XML-RPC for .Net available at http://www.xml-rpc.net/ . You can easily create an OutSystems extension that uses this framework by using the CookComputing.XmlRpcV2.dll that is availalble in the framework package at http://www.xml-rpc.net/. In this extension, you can then write the .Net code that invokes the necessary OpenERP methods.

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Daniel Lourenço
Hi Guys

Is there anyone who can provide some detailed documentation or video tutorials on implementing XML-RPC with .Net and Java. Writing extensions etc. All of what was mentioned above in Daniels post. I have tried to use the links provided but the web page is not avaialbe.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated

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