Web applications

Web applications

Are all the websites like TNT developed solely with your system with no other additional technologies. The reason for my question is that I would like to develop my application using only your agile platform.
My app (http://ratcatcher.titaniumcrowbar.com/RatCatcher/) is 100% Agile Platform, other than a backend processing processing written as a WCF Web service. I *could* rewrite that in Agile Platform too, but it was already written before I decided to do the front end in Agile Platform.

Hi Abbey,

our Forum, the Academy, the Wisdom of Crowds, the Projects Area, the website, the sales area, basically, all you can access in the Outsystems website and the Agile Networks is developed using the Agile Platform.

In the download area you have more apps developed with the Agile Platform that you can download and use them.

Thank you for your reply and the confidence you are giving me that I can be able to develop my application using the agile platform.
I have 3 live applications online and in full use today.  All 3 developed 100% within outsystems.  The business apps work great and totally made the way we do our business.  You will have no problems with the outsystems app.  The sky is your limit.

Happy Development!! :)