Need to Update Extended Entity Field
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While Updating the extended entity attribute which is one to one mapping with User entity i am getting following error.

What could be the solution on this ?


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Hello Prashant,

Hope you're doing well.

In your scenario, it seems that you have an user in your User entity (system) with ID 67, but there is no corresponding record in your ExtendedUser entity for that same UserId.

How are you obtaining that error in your application? Can you explain to us what do you pretend to achieve?

I'd suggest that you use CreateOrUpdate action instead of just Update. This way will allow you to update when you have an existing record in your ExtendedUser entity, otherwise it will create a new one.

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Rui Barradas

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Hi Prashant,

It looks like you are trying to update the record for ID#67 which does not exist into the extended User entity. I would suggest before updating the extended entity please check whether the record exist or not for the particular user ID. And if that ID exist then make the update else insert it into the extended user entity.

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First of all, I think the 1-1 relationship should be obtained in your model design

Secondly, you should use create or update action to avoid the non existing data

Hope this help