Run Jira automation when a publish on Test env is done.
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Hi guys,

A little backstory before the question:
My team deploys every now and then from dev environment to test environment in order for the tester to have more recent changes to test. When the deploy is finished I want all my 'Developed' tasks from the Sprint to move to 'Deployed to test'.
There is a scheduled deploy each Friday, for which I have a scheduled automation in Jira, so everything working until now.

But every now and then, if we do a lot of work during the week, we will do an unscheduled deploy, and for that one we have to move all the issues manually from one status to the other.

Do you know of any way in which I can trigger an automation in Jira (by a webhook or something like that) when a deploy is done in Lifetime? To be more specific, does Lifetime know how to trigger a webhook when a deploy is finished succesfully?
In this way I can make sure that each time a deploy is done to Test, the Jira boards are synced accordingly.

Thank you in advance for your help, stay safe!

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Hi Andrei,

I saw something like this done but was actually taken to the next level with scheduled deployments so I will explain here how it was done since it tackles the same issue you are exposing here.

Taking advantage of the Forge component called Automatic Deployment automatic deployments were defined and schedule. Coupled with JIRA connector component, issues on a certain state were tagged with a comment and moved for the "To test" status.

Something like that could automate your pipeline and keep testers engaged and up to date.

Kind regards,