count issue - Applying a List Filter to an Aggregate

I have an aggregate on the preparation that is returning the list with 63 records

Open records = 32
Completed records = 31
Total = 63

This aggregate is being used on a table (up to 50 records per page) when I use the list filter action (on the aggregate list - not on the table list) and filter by something (in this case a completed status) then the result only shows 23 records (it is only looking at the first page of the table list even though I am filtering the aggregate not the table list). 

Why does it take into account the table settings - when I want to filter the aggregate list as it is?

- If I increase the records per page on the table it will display the right information up to those records (but I dont want a big list).
- If I change the page the length of the filtered will take into consideration all the values up to that page.

I understand I can get the filtered list by adding another aggregate with that filter applied this will yield the correct answers, but why does this method not work?

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Hi Andre,

th platform optimizes the amount of data it sends back from server to client, dependent on what you do with it.  In your case, it decided that it doesn't need to bring back everything.  If you would for example display the filtered list on the screen, it would bring back everything.

So that's the explanation of why,  the logic they use for this isn't flawless though, because if you would assign the result of the filtering to a local list and put that on the screen instead of the filtered list itself, then again it doesn't bring back everything...