Why is my line chart splitting

I'm trying to create a chart with the date on the x-axis and the money spent on y-axis. I'm using a list from the database as the source list, there is a picture below for visual. When I publish, I noticed the line in the graph splits instead of just going up and down according the amount spent that month.  Any idea what I may be doing wrong?


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I clicked on the aggregate, then sorting, then add sorting, selected the date/time attribute and then ascending as the sorting setting and that fixed it. Just wanted to add in the exact solution for this instance :) Thanks to everyone for the help!

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Hi Ashley,

If you're looking to have month as a column, you will want to define the label as the month, instead of the Date Time.

For that, you should fill in the Label field to something like Format_DateTime(Sheet1.DateTime, "MM-yyyy")

In this way, information will be organized by month / year in format MM-yyyy (e.g. 12-2020).

You can also easily adapt the format you want taking advantage of Format_DateTime function, how to use it below:

Hope it helps.