[IdP] IdP_SingleLogout_URL with multiple logined Azure AD account
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Using Azure AD, we can be logined by using multiple account on the same browser at the same time like below.

I was configured IdP eSpace for the tenant of one of them.

When my web app which is running on the browser with multiple Azure AD logined redirected to the URL returned by IdP_SingleLogout_URL action, the following error occurred. 

Request Id: 8ecba7cb-a2da-4ddc-a6ec-c001d18f9100
Correlation Id: cfd42cee-071a-4db7-ac91-82ec917af295
Timestamp: 2020-12-16T05:34:41Z
Message: AADSTS750015: Wrong SAML message type 'LogoutResponse', expected 'Request'.

Could you help me to avoid this error?

(When I using single account at once, my web app can log out without errors. I want to know for the multiple logined case.)

Moriya Takasi

Hi Takasi Moriya, I am facing this same issue. Do you please help me with the solution if you got any?


Hi Hema sharma,

I'm sorry. I haven't found a solution to the problem yet unfortunately.

Hi @Hema sharma,

Version 5.0.4 currently marked as Under Development should have this and a few other issues fixed.

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