Give us your feedback - Default view on threaded replies!

Hi everyone,

After the new Forum launch, we’ve been following your feedback in order to keep improving your experience.

You’ve been sharing with us feedback about the threaded view of replies on Forum, and we would like to know your preferred default view.

Please, let us know if you prefer the default to be collapsed (only show top-level replies) or expanded (show all replies just in threaded view) when you see this pop up on the posts pages.

Your feedback is very important to us. 

Thank you!


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how about giving us a preferences section in our profile where each community member can make his/her own choice on this ?


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Hi Dorine :)

Thanks for your feedback. That's what we're planning to do. This little survey is just to know what would be the default view option. Today, it's collapsed.


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I do like the collapsed version showing Top replies but i agree with @Dorine Boudry , it will be good if the user gets to set his preferences


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I would prefer expanded.

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Thanks for the feedback Sachin

In case you haven't done it yet, can you please vote in that poll? 

Thank you :)

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I agree with Dorine. But, in every case, I think the link to expand/collapse can be more intuitive.

And for the default view I believe thar collapsed it's Ok.

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

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Hello! To add a bit more detail - we are planning on giving everyone the ability to set their preference in their profile, expanded or collapsed. But we want to set the default based on what more people prefer. 

(@Tânia Rodrigues mentions this in a reply above, but since the current default is that replies are collapsed ?? not everyone will see it.)

Please do make a selection in the survey that pops up.


I prefered expanded....
but it would be better if it was not possible to reply to a specific posts. Can only contribute sequentially ....

Best regards 

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I prefer Collapsed by default. But it  would be better if we can have choice as Dorine said.

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I prefer collapsed by default and yea like Dorine said if we have the preference in our profile it will be nice to have.

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Agreed with Dorine but you can send in email to the member to get the feedback