What is the difference between fre online trainning and payed?

What is the difference between fre online trainning and payed?

Hi all!

I read this over there:
"In the OutSystems Academy you can get free online training that will get you up to speed with OutSystems in no time.
If you have never had any experience with OutSystems, I recommend you pay it a visit and do some courses - it's the fastest and most reliable way to have an overview of what is it like to work in the OutSystems Agile Platform, and start doing things on your own."

My question is, what is the exact difference between paying online trainning and not?
I understand the only difference is that if I pay I fee, I will receive a diploma. Am I right?
Does that mean I could follow online trainning for free?

Thanks a lot.

Start off with the free.  It teaches what you need to know.  You will be amazed with what you can create with the free lessons.

Then once you are creating your own apps and you need more help... than jump on a paid help source.  But the free lessons that outsystems has created is really really great.  I have gone through all of them.  You will learn a lot from the free. 

I have done only the free lessons and I am doing just fine using outsystems.
Hi Ricardo,

The online courses are all free, as far as I know. The line you quoted is not saying anything about paying for online training. The line "I recommend you pay it a visit" should not be translated as "paying for online training", but "You must go to the online training".

Outsystems does have some payed services, but that are the bootcamps. You go to one of the Outsystems Offices and get a training in real life. You will be teached by Professional Outsystems Trainers.

I'd say, go online and follow all the online training modules and see if you can get the certification.

kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga, (Zero)70 IT Services