How to Pass List Data from screen parent to child popup
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.3 (Build 36681)

I want to pass the data from the parent screen to the child popup, I used the input parameter of JSON text. it worked the first time but it couldn't refresh when I clicked the link the second time. It got 404-File or directory not found error when I used ajax to refresh the input value before clicking the link. I want to try notify at parent and get notify in child but doesn't seem to work. What should I do to fix the error, please help me!

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Hi  Thanh Ta,

Could you please provide a sample oml for this issue so that we can look into it what is exactly going wrong and provide you a desired solution for the same?

Thanks :)

Hi Thanh Ta,

Passing objects to screens is not recommended as per best practice. Best solution is to send the Id and retrieve the record in Preparation. 



Hi Thanh,

Instead of passing list data to popup screen, you should pass id of that record and fetch that record in preparation of popup page.

Passing list data to child page will create performance issues

For more detail please go through below link:



Shashikant Shukla