I want to integrate OutSystems logs with exabeam datalake.
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I have developed some application and able to check my logs on outsystems. But to centralize my all other application logs Iam using exabeam datalake. I have already ingested other applications log to exabeam data lake and I am successfully able to see them but now I want to ingest these outsystems logs to exabeam data lake. Can you please guide me to achieve this?

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Hello Aniruddh,

Have you looked at the MonitorProbe Forge component? It exposes a REST API that you can poll to extract different types of logs in the platform. Take into consideration the component's notes to see if it is suitable for you.

Can you elaborate on your use case? Is it just Production monitoring, or development\release support?

@Urbano Freitas, do we have other components\documentation?

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Thanks for reply. It is just production monitoring.

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Hi @Aniruddh Kurundkar,

As @João Gomes said using Monitor Probe is probably the best way to you to start. 

What you need to take in attention is:

  • Data Volume. If want to fetch more than 5000 records/minute then Monitor Probe is not the way;
  • Security. If need encryption or authentication then you need to develop/extend the Monitor Probe app.

Let us know if this work and how it went.