[DBCleaner] Search and Select on Espace for dropping Database entities
Forge component by Ricardo Silva
Published on 13 Aug 2020
Application Type
Traditional Web

I would like to have the following enhancement on the Page Database Entities:

It should be nice to be able to select on Espace for dropping entities and then Drop only the selected Entities. Now it is only possible to Drop All entities or Drop an entity one by one.

Or there should be a check box to select several Entities and drop the selected.

Could this functionality be build in a future release?

Kind Regards

Jolanda Koopdonk

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Hi Jolanda,

other than waiting for this improvement, you have a number of other options here :

1) If your module names are specific / unique enough, you can use the  search filter to bulk delete entitities of a given module.  That already works in the forge component AS IS.

2) Alternatively, you could improve your own installed copy of this component, adding the functionality you need, but of course, future new versions of the component will wipe out your changes.  It should only take you an hour to add this functionality, so maybe worth it.

3) You could maybe join the team of people working on this component and help them improve it by having your changes incorporated in the version published on the forge.


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Hi Dorine,

Thanks for your response. Where can I fill in the search filter? There is no such filter on the page Database Entities, right?


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now i see.

I'm sorry, I was talking about the DB Cleaner on Steroids component.  

If I'm not mistaken, it is using the same extension to actually get some things done, but with a different UI.  And there you do have a search box.

Sorry for the confusion,