[SFTP] Unable to connect - SFTP
Forge component by Paulo Ramos
Published on 21 Jul 2020
Application Type
Traditional Web

Unable to connect via SSH FTP component.

I can connect via WinSCP but same inputs return an error - "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it "

Any ideas how to overcome this issue?

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Hello Mickey.

I did a quick test and I was able to connect to a test FTP server, can you share more details about your connection? Are you using user/password or pem key file?

Also, did you checked if your server is allowing remote connections, from the internet? The error message that you pointed seems like a firewall issue...

This is the test I did

Port 22
user demo
pass password
path /


Lucas Vilela

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Hi Mickey,

I don't know the details of the machine you're trying to access, but keep in mind that when you test the connection using WinSCP, it'll create a connection from your local machine. When you test it using SFTP in your app, it'll try to set up the connection from the server.