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I have one mobile and web application and for both user provider module is same.

I can login to multiple devices with same user.

I need to create one screen inside mobile application , which will display all logged in sessions in the list.

Need to create a button to logout from any specific device.

Anybody is having any idea?


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Hi Mohammad,

Source- https://www.codeproject.com/Questions/1279638/How-to-logout-my-account-when-login-with-same-acco

 you can do this by using cookies.

When a user access your website using a new browser (Device A), creates a random string (as Session Token A) and stores at the user's browser's cookies with the expire date set to 180 days.

Store the random string (session token A) together with the user id in database.

Condition 1:
If the user access your website using the same browser (Device A), the same session token (Session Token A) will be sent to the server to verify that it is the same user.

Condition 2:
If the user access your website using another device (Device B), new session token (Session Token B) will be created. Delete "Session Token A" from database, so when next time the user re-access the website on old device (Device A), "Session Token A" will not able to be verified as it is already not existed in database. Therefore, user will longer able to access your website from Device A.

Hope this will help you.



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Thank you Rahul for the reply,

I am looking this option for OutSystems mobile application.

I need to know that OutSystems is having any functionality to track that the user is having how many active sessions.

In my mobile application i can login with multiple devices.


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Have you checked this post-