I have this recordlist, I want to do is:
Where is var1 that has the field name from the list, and this saving the execution of a switch.

For exemple:

 that one assumes those values for var :abc, def, ghi .... It is possible to do?


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Hi João,

Can you provide more details about your question?
What's your real need?

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Rafael Pereira
For exemple:

      Var1= RecordList[i] (this have the fields A, B, C, D...

if i do this
"ReccordList_TR.List["+(TotalRow-3)+"].Test_List["+Var1+"]" it assumes a string and not the value

One more shot...

Could you provide a sample eSpace?

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Rafael Pereira
Hi, heres a example
You are trying to assign a value to a non specific recordlist column using some kind of  "index or contact column name" approach.
Sorry, But it's not possible.

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Rafael Pereira  
ok, thanks