[DBCleaner] "Log Cleanup" doesn't clean the log tables
Forge component by Ricardo Silva
Published on 13 Aug 2020
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Hi, I'm trying to execute the "Log Cleanup" in my OS environment but it keeps failing.

I configured it like this:

When calling the Timer "CleanOldLogs" through ServiceCenter, the timer end with the error:


After some digging, I change the SQL inside the CycleDeleteLogTable action to contains a conversion of the date to a known format.

Because this is a new feature, I wanted to let you know of this so that everyone can use it feature.

Another strange thing, at least in the version I installed, was that action GetTableNumberList, wasn't returning the current values.

When looked to the ListAppend details, it was the element has UNUSED.

After adding it again, it works fine.