New Video: Decoded: Tales from the Trenches - Code Reviews with Jeremy Raj

I'm pleased to announce the first episode of a new video series from your friendly neighborhood Advocacy team, Decoded: Tales from the Trenches.

The first episode features a conversation with Jeremy Raj, a senior architect on OutSystems' Experts team on code reviews in OutSystems. You can watch the embedded version below, or click the URL to view the video:


Have suggestions for topics or guests for upcoming shows, please reply below!

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hi Andrew,

Thanks for sharing a video on Code review in OutSystems, it will be helpful.

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Thanks for this video update Andrew, it would be really helpful :)

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Hi OutSystems Team,

I am using this regularly and really helps me lot as an architect.


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Thanks Andrew and Jeremy for this video!! Hope members who are looking for contents related to code review in OutSystems will get benefit from this video.