[Advanced Excel] Provide CellType or DateTimeFormat in the action Cell_WriteRange
Forge component by Carlos Freitas
Published on 27 Aug 2019
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I'm using the action "Cell_WriteRange" and when the value is date time it is shown in the cell, as an example, like 44188.0809027778. The cell gets formatted automatically to "General". 

Is it possible to provide a "CellType" input or a "CellFormat/DateTimeFormat" for this action?

Best regards,

Miguel Garcia

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Hi Miguel,

there is a server action CellFormat_ApplytoRange available in that component, I haven't used it, but that sounds like what you need.


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Hi Dorine,

Indeed, that will work. But my idea here is to use only the action "Cell_WriteRange" and, in the input parameter "CellFormat", providing the necessary information to format the cell with DateTime in case it's a DateTime value, instead of using extra actions to format a specific column.