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Hi Guru's

I'm thinking of building an event broker based on the light process of BPT.

Normally with BPT if an error occurs in a flow we can use the retry button in service center.

I would like to know what is the best practice to do this with light processes?

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Hi Freek,

If a LBPT process runs in to an unexpected error, it will automatically be retried after a short interval, this repeats with greater time interval until it repeats only once a day. You have no control over it.

I would strongly advice to always handle unexpected errors gracefully, so that you yourself can control if the action should be retried or not.



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Hi Daniel!

I have a example:

When a sales invoice is created I create an event and based on that event the BPM starts a process to trigger a function to generate the PDF. Say that an error occurs in generating the PDF then what? The BPM process will retry to execute the action with the time interval. But also from the screen it can be triggerd manual to retry it.