Need to set current date in the calendar without selecting and it should save in data

I need to save the current date in the date picker calendar without selecting the date on click of save button.

And it should get saved in the database.Its like a form in which i need to save the last updated date and time evrytime when a user saves that form.

Can someone suggest how we can show the current date and time using date picker i have tried setting the min and max date as currdatetime() but it is showing in the UI but not getting reflected in the database.

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Hi Eshita,

Are assigned correct variable to DB attribute please check once.



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Hi Eshita,

You don't need to set MinDate and MinDate, there is a InitialDate property which will display the CurrDate if nothing is set there as you can see in following screenshot.

Just make sure that you have associated correct attribute of the Form to the input, not of any local or of aggregate coming from preparation.


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hi Eshita,

I think it has to do with the Timezone, your server must be in different Timezone. i think you will have to convert your current date. For that you can use Multiple TimeZone Sample  forge component.

Here is the link for the same on how to use the forge component.