Is it possible to store multiple Booleans as a Bit Flag?

Hi, I have multiple booleans that need to be stored and was wondering if there was a decent way in outsystems to store them as a bit flag. I see an old forge component that can do some binary functions but was wondering if there was a better way.


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Hi Josh,

that's an interesting question.

Are you talking about storing it in the database ??  So it's a sql server / oracle question as much as an Outsystems question.

It sounds to me like a lot of extra effort, for saving and retrieving it, harder to debug, harder to interpret the raw data, and maybe harder for OS to use indexes...  

So setting aside for a minute the "is it possible", why do you want this ?  Do you have very large amounts of booleans ??  Can you tell some more about your use case and what it is that your solving by using bit flags ?