create mobile nav bar with title and back button
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I am definitely struggling with precision layout of widgets.  I am now trying to create a simple navigation bar that contains two elements (widgets):  The Title and a back button.  The problem is getting the title to be centered horizontally and vertically in the navbar AND the back button to be on the left edge of the navbar and centered vertically in the navbar.  The Title by itself is working fine... adding. a button messes things up. I am trying to implement this as a block although that part of the equation isn't the problem - it's only the positioning of the widgets.  Naturally it needs to adjust for different screen widths.  The attached image show the effect i'm after as well how I've implemented this so far - with only the title, no button .  Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Have You tried the widget called Center Content on each widget You want?

See the red circle in the attached PrtScrn.

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