I want to create a simple login application for mobile.
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I want to create a simple login form on correct credentials it should allow user to navigate to home page. 

Its my first application , so it should cover all the basic concepts.

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Hi Nilesh,

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For your question, In outsystems, whenever you go to create any type of application like Mobile, Reactive or Traditional, you will get Login screen already created under Interface -> UI Flows -> Common (Provided screenshot) block with the associated logic to make user login. You can also modify this logic according to your business rules.

I suggest you to go through following documentation link. It will help you to understand how to create your 1st mobile app in outsystems.


Hope this helps :)

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hi Nilesh,

First you will have to create a new application and then select the type of app(Mobile). Then the login screen is already available to you under UI Flows/Common/, you can use the same and redirect to your homepage. Also you need to have users created in YourApplication.outsystemscloud.com/Users/ if you are using personal environment, so that you can use it to login.

You can also refer to below link, which will provide you more information: