SQL Server 2019

Hi all,

I have an enterprise license. My application server connects to SQL server 2019 in PROD and it works. But when I try to migrate SQL server 2016 to 2019 in UAT it shows a login error. 

By the way, using the same user name and password I could connect the DB from SQL Server Management studio. 

1) Is the login error because of the version? If so, how it works in PROD?

2) Is there any other reason which causes this connection error? 

3) As Outsystems does not support SQL server 2019, instead of downgrading my PROD DB to 2016, is there any workaround to change the compatibility? 


Abirami Srinivasan

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Hi Abira,

I don't think it's related with the version. It might be related with the fact that you did the upgrade and something is missing.

Did you try to execute the configuration tool in the QA environment? If you "test connection" in the configuration tool, what does it say?

Maybe the trick is really to run the configuration tool and press "Grant Permissions".


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Hi Abira,

Did you check that the user has all permissions?