Once Superuser role gets deleted ,how can it be recovered?
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Hi all,

I've a query related to superuser . I found similar posts but it could not resolve my issue,so I'm posting this one here,

I created a screen to add users  ( I wanted to create users from UI and not using the Users module.) ,so to a form ,I bound User record and used CreateorUpdate action to submit records to Users entity. (I had no idea about encrypting password and then submitting it.) 

After publishing this,I found out that , the SuperUser got deleted (also,other users ,I had created from Users module ,previously.) When I tried to login to Users app ,Iit threw this "Invalid Permissions "message.

Later, even worse thing happened ,I'm not even able to login to Users application ,as while adding Users from UI ,through screen created,  Login creditials were lost somehow .

So,Could anyone help me in finding solution for this ?( I think , I've committed really horrible mistake.)

Thank you,:).

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Hi Mohini,

You can create super user through Lifetime .

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hello Mohini,

Before saving in the database you can use salted MD5 hash encryption. Outsystems use the same encryption technique.

I have also come across such a requirement where I was creating users from the screen, there we have used this.

And For user login use can use Validate Password. Where you will pass 

Password user has entered in input parameter plain text password

The encrypted password you have stored in a database for a particular user

The output will be a boolean value as per the validation

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Hi Mohini,

Try to run the timer GrantAllRolesToAdmin, in the module Users.
You can do it in the Service center -> modules -> Users-> Timers tab -> select the timer and click on Run Now.

Best regards,
Bruno Ferreira