Discovery: Foundation versus Core Module?

Hi - I'm trying to better understand the Discovery canvas.  What is the criteria that Discovery uses to classify modules into the various layers?  I can find articles explaining what the layers are supposed to represent and the reference rules ... but how do I physically create a "Foundation" module versus a "Core" module, for example? 

The attached screen shot (Discovery) is a good example.  Both of these modules reside in the same application.  The "Core" module is a "Blank" module and has REST integrations.  The "Foundation" module is a responsive module and also has integrations, plus it has screens.  What made Discovery decide to consider the first one a "Core" module and the other one a "Foundation" module?

I have other examples where modules similar to the Foundation module above ended up being classified as End User modules.

Thanks for your help!


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Hi Robert,

Discovery auto-classifies the modules based on a configuration which can be accessible in Configurations - Module Layers menu. Depending on the configured suffixes / prefixes, the module will be classified with a different label.

See below screenshot for an example:

According to the image above a module named Patient_CS would be classified as a Core Service.

Hope it helps.