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I started working with Outsystem 1 or 2 months ago. I'm a beginner at OutSystem and a beginner / intermediary in IT. 

When I started working in the service studio I thought the least difficult would be the style / appearance / look. I thought it would be just dragging the buttons where I wanted, etc ... and not quite. We have to change the css code. (didn't know anything about css)

taking into account the objectives of Outsystems platform is: low-code, reducing development time and making it as easy and as simple as possible would it not be better to adopt something similar to what is done in the link?

And now I leave my suggestion on this link:


(I found this site in a publicity ad)

Would it be possible to do something like the one shown on the website?

I apologize if I'm breaking any rules.

I also do not intend to advertise the site but it is the best way to explain what I want


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Hello SpiritFox.

I understand your pains.

OutSystems is low-code so it makes the coding task in programming a lot easier. Therefore, you expect everything to be easier than regular development. The thing is, web design isn't quite programming. Is more like art. It got so complex that programmers usually leave it to professional designers. The UX experts create the layouts and the programmers get the functionality by simply referring to a predefined class.

OutSystems made it easier with the new project templates (and the current Style section is a lot better now than a few years back, believe me) but it is still not enough.

I'd suggest you create an idea for an improved IDE.

By the way, how do you feel regarding javascript?

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Bom dia Nuno e Bom Ano! :)

Thanks for your feedback, I have already created an idea.Thanks for the suggestion.

I can understand that the focus is on improving the development part and leaving the web design for later.

But if you say that web design is complex and you need a UX expert, why not develop this part of the Outsystems platform?  (maybe in the future they will focus on this part)

I don't know anything about Javascript. It's at the same level as my CSS