Need to implement the Blog UI and Functionality
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in project need to implement blog featture where i can create the blog and post and any one can reply on this post 

How to achive this feature and UI in reactive any suggestion 

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Hi Priya,

You say you have to so this for a.lroject, surely in your project team there are other team members too, like a business analyst and maybe an UX/UI expert? I would expect them to come up with good user stories and screen designs you then van implement.

If this is not the case and you have to do all by yourself, is suggest you have a look at popular of sites. From them you canidentify the underlying data model to figure out your entities and attributes, as well as the common screens of a blog site. You could also Google for "blog reference data model" and check the results on the images tab, it will most likely list a few examples of a data model to implement a blog site. You can use one that fits your requirements as the bases for your one datamodel.

Then try to define your user stories and acceptance criteria and start implementing them.

The coding part should be easy once you did the analysis.