Range Validator how to use in reactive based on this value need to filter the list
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Hi Team,

I need to implemnet the search on list based on range validator values  in  reactive 

i dont understand how to implemnet this 

Can anyone please share the sample oml


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Hello Priya,

Hope you're doing well.

For your use case, you should be able to achieve what you pretend using RangeSlider from OutSystemsUI:

This RangeSlider widget has an OnChange event, which is triggered everytime the selected value changes.

So you'll need to create a screen action (call it for instance OnChangeSliderValue) and bind it to this event:

This action will be the handler of this event.

In this action, you should receive an Input Parameter where you pass the selected value by the user (coming from the event):

After you can do an assign to a local variable in your screen and then you may use to filter your list.

Hope that this helps you!

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

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Hi Priya,

It would be great if you can tell us your exact use case like what thing you want to search in your list using Range Slider values, so that i can share you a sample oml relating to your use case.