Dropdown Tags does not allow 'addItems' option via AdvancedFormat for custom entries
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 I am trying to enable the option for custom addition of inputs by the end user with the DropdownTags component (along with the already predefined list option by the developer at design time). I am trying to do this for a Reactive Web application.

According to the GitHub documentation of the component, this is possible, and AFAIK it is done with the configuration

{ ""addItems"": true,
""addItemFilter"": null}

The configuration does not result in any errors, but it doesn't achieve the desired result, either.

Am I doing something wrong, is this a bug, or is it just not implemented in the current version of the DropdownTags component in OutSystems?

Ok, after talking with Outsystems, this function of the library is actually indeed not yet ported.

I extracted this component from another application, so with it the goal is achieved:


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