External Style Sheet not showing up

We are trying to use a common stylesheet in a number of eSpaces.  Some of the eSpaces pick up the stylesheet just fine.  However there is one that will not pick it up.

I've added to the external Style Sheet parameter of eSpace Properties\web settings '/Common/web.css' but when I view the source all I see is 'web.css'.

I've tried one-click publish, eSpace redeploy from Service Center and republished everything from a solution without success.

Do I need to "Flush" my eSpace somehow?
Hi Tom,

Try to make a small change to a web screen or something else on the espace (besides the external CSS) and then 1-click-publish it.
Let me know if that solves it, because if it does we need to address that issue.


Thanks for the response.

I made a small change to the main page on the eSpace and that did do the trick.

I did some more testing and it does seem like the External Style Sheet setting will not change on it's own.  It seems to need another change in a page.

I also found another way to trigger a change.  If I changed the setting "Check to enable system debug procedures" on the eSpace in service center the External Style Sheet setting changes took effect after a publish.

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Tom Hubbard