Widget DatePicker with Null Date


I am new to outsystems but I have learned a lot from courses and projects.

However I have doubts with a DatePicker widget, how do I get the input / widget to have no date selected when I open the popup?

I already tried to put the variable in the preparation to NullDate () but it didn't work, what is missing?
I attached some screenshots.

Thank you so much for your help and your time.

Rita Silva


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Hi Rita,

Could you please tell us which DatePicker you are using. Try to use DatePicker from OutsystemsUIWeb->Controls -> DatePicker. 

For this DatePicker you have StartEmpty property available which will help to display No Date Selected by default.

NOTE: If you don't have this DatePicker available, try to take its reference from manage dependencies window from OutsystemsUIWeb->Controls -> DatePicker.

Hope this helps, Thanks :)

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Hi @Rita Silva 

You can refer to here this discussion.

Hope that can help

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Thank very much @Shweta Gedam and @Thien Tran !!