Implement epace to server

I have finsihed an application on my test machine (localhost). After I selected an production server and publish the application, I can login to see the table and structure, but I coudln't see the data which I could see on the test machine.

Anyone know what I missed?
Hi Richard,

if i'm getting it right, the data don't migrate from server to server with the espace or the solution when you deploy them to the production server. So what is missing is you need to bootstrap the information that you would like to have it on the production server.

The static entities that you design in the espace is the only data that goes always attached with your espace.

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for reply. Could you advise how to bootstrap the data to production server?

there are several options to bootstrap an application.

You can create a timer and set it to run on the first publish (it's the wise way). That timer have the necessary logic to import an excel file and create the necessary data you need for example.

You should analyse what is the data you want to import and how its the best way to do it. Download and See the Issue Manager component as an example (Action doBootstrap), where you can have several ways to import the data needed.