Create a native mobile app as a wrapper for a reactive web app to offer app in stores

I am wondering if anyone has experience with the following:

You have created a reactive web app, but there is a wish to offer the app also in the app stores (so a PWA does not suffice). Therefore, you have to create a native mobile app as well. 

I have simply created a mobile app in Outsystems with one empty screen. In the OnInialize of this homescreen, I use the InAppBrowserEvents plugin to open the home URL of the reactive web app in the system browser.

When you install the mobile app and open it, you are basically immediately redirected to the 'normal' web app in your default browser. 

Is this a reasonable solution for bringing your web app to the app stores? Or is this a way of working that should be avoided?

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Hi Lies,

Although that might work it will limit functionality of your mobile app as you are not able to use any mobile plugins to use device specific features.

Alternatively you could leverage the fact that mobile and reactive web both use the same reactjs framework.

Try to build all touchpoint unrelated logic as reactive modules or libraries. You can then have UI widgets that either can be reused on for mobile and reactive, or specific mobile or specific reactive web ui widgets.

So you still build 2 applications web and mobile, but try to reuse as much as possible resources. 

The benefit of this is that you can leverage for web all UI capabilities applicable for web , and for mobile the UI capabilities for mobile plus all mobile plugins.