Is it possible to use the core Outsystems libraries as SPA services

Is it possible to use core Outsystems libraries as SPA services in the applications such as JSONUtils, DataConversions, that could help convert records passed as object to JSON in javascripts directly with out using the JSONSerialize action, this will help define few javascript data manupliation libraries.

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Hi Arun,

JSONUtils is an OutSystems extension so written in C# and the actions implemented by it are run on the server. An OutSytems reactive libary runs client side. So I don't really understand your question.

Not sure either what application DateConversions is? is this a Forge component?



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Hi Daniel

I'm trying to build a library using LinqJS to facilitate Linq based operations on the enumerations in which I would need the record/recordlist to be converted to a JSON object instead of processing a JSONSerialize to stringify and pass that to the Javascript API client actions as text and then Parse it to JSON in the API. 

While debugging the application I have notice JSONUtils.js that utilizes DataConversion.js to convert the Outsystems REcord/RecordList to a JSON.